INTERVIEW: Ziggi & Muffin, Instagram's #Twinning Cavoodles

We (virtually) sat down with Ziggi & Muffin, a pair of stylish cavoodle siblings living in Australia!

Thanks for joining us! Tell us about yourselves.
Hi Fluffers! We are Ziggi & Muffin the cavoodles. Ziggi is currently 3 years old and Muffin is turning 2 in December.

Why did your hoomans bring you into the fold?
We are so lucky to have been welcomed to our pawsome family! Before we were brought into their lives they had another dog who passed away. They obviously love dogs so much they couldn’t handle a day without a 4 legged friend that they got Ziggi a few days later and Muffin a year later.
What are your favourite places to go with your hoomans?
We love to go walks with our hoomans to our local, Noosa River. We get to meet loads of friends, pee on lots of trees and go swimming in the summer!

What do your hoomans love about you?
We think our hoomans love us just as much as we love them. How we are always positive, outgoing and showing them the love they all deserve!

How have you changed your hoomans lives?
We think we have changed our hoomans lives because we are always there for them when they’re down. We have 2 hooman siblings so we always love to take care of them and give them lots of licks to help put a smile on their face just like we like to do on our Instagram.

Thanks for joining our interview, Ziggi & Muffin!