Who is Miso? Miso isn’t a Japanese condiment.

Miso is friendly floof on four legs. However, Miso is much more than a dog. He is our embodiment of joy, love and life.

Sound familiar? You’re probably reading this whilst thinking about your dog.
To celebrate the relationship humans have with dogs, we decided to create Miso & Co.
Miso & Co is a uniquely designed lifestyle brand where dogs and humans unite. We design lifestyle essentials made from high quality materials and minimalist designs.
We’ve put a lot of love and thought into each product, ensuring it is meticulously crafted to suit you and your dog’s playful lifestyle.

Behind Miso & Co are two sisters - our names are Miranda and Amee. We’re based in Melbourne, Australia. Miso is our little four-legged brother.
Over a game of Cluedo and a few glasses of wine, the crazy idea of Miso & Co was born. The rest is history!