Growing up, sisters Miranda and Amee adopted a 6 week old puppy, Miso. More than a pet, Miso became their best friend and their “third sibling”. A charming mutt, the fondness for Miso was collective.

This was evident in 2016, when the sisters held a party for Miso’s 9th birthday. They were pleasantly surprised by the turn out - over 30 members from their extended family and friends came! A couple of years later, Miranda and Amee were reflecting on the collective love for Miso over a game of Cluedo.

After a few glasses of wine, the idea for MISO & CO was born. Miranda and Amee launched MISO & CO in 2019, to celebrate the bond between people and their dogs. They launched the “Classic Collection”, inspired by a minimalist, practical & timeless aesthetic.

This year, Miranda and Amee look forward to expanding MISO & CO’s range and reaching new audiences internationally.