Catching up with Jeyda, Co-Founder of RUFF

Raising a puppy can be RUFF, but Jeyda is here to 'halp'!

Alongside with her co-founder Julie, Jeyda co-founded RUFF, which curates toolboxes for new puppy and dog owners, exclusively sold online and delivered conveniently to your doorstep. We had a chat with Jeyda to learn more about her business.


Thanks for joining us on the blog Jeyda! What motivated you to start RUFF? 

My business partner Julie and I were digital producers in advertising, working with huge brands, but we had a thirst to do more. Julie and I both got our pups at similar times - and we both realised we had no idea what the heck we were doing!

We found tips and tools via friends, families, puppy school and good ol’ google. But to be fair we needed all the ‘halp’ we could get because our puppies were… absolute jerks. They’d bite, chew, pee and poo everywhere!

After the puppies grew up we realised there was a need for a survival toolkit for new dog owners.

Tell us about RUFF!

RUFF aims to ease the overwhelming anxiety of bringing a new dog home! We launched with a range of puppy ‘Halp’ boxes, to cater for pups of all shapes and sizes.

The arrival of COVID meant we came up with new products, and identified the increased demand in the adoption of dogs during this time. As a result, we launched a curated toolbox specifically for adopted dogs. The addition of the 'Adoption Box' gave us a great opportunity to gather up tools that’d help a rescue dog parent to settle in their new full grown dog with ease.

For example, we included products like enrichment toys for ease of anxiety, anti-chew spray for the destructive behaviours, and odour removers for nervous spews and pees (trust me, this happens).

We also had people asking us about the perfect gift for their dog. Thus, the 'RUFF Box' was born! Filled with toys, treats and key hygiene essentials, we created the perfect gift box for dogs and their new parents.

What are your favorite games or activities to play with your dog?

To keep my dog stimulated, we play with the 'Stylish Hound' enrichment toy. I fill this with all her treats (found in the 'RUFF' and 'Adoption' box).

Watching her use her smarts to knock the treats out of the toy, makes me feel like such a proud furbaby mum!

I'm considering adopting a dog, what are your tips for me?

First of all get yourself an adoption box (shameless plug) 😉 You can view all the products here!

It doesn’t hurt to put some pee pads down near your back door as well. When you’re putting an older dog in a new environment, they don’t know where to do their business.

As we learnt from our favorite Veterinarian Dr Claire Stevens, do not punish or yell at your dog. This can cause this already anxious dog more distress. Instead, reward and incentivise good behaviours with treats.

Thanks for joining us on the MISO & CO blog Jeyda!

To learn more about RUFF, visit

Use the code RUFFGIFT10 for 10% off your first box.

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