A chat with Mike Halligan, Co-Founder of Scratch


Mike Halligan, photo courtesy of The Urban List 

After studying entrepreneurship and reading anything he could on marketing, Mike Halligan managed and ran digital for some of Australia’s favourite lifestyle brands, before founding Scratch. We're delighted that Mike joined us at MISO & CO for a chat.

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself :)

I’m Mike, co-founder of Scratch and still trying to convince my partner (5’ 4”) to let us get a Bernese Mountain Dog (not much smaller). I handle the marketing and customer service side of he business, with our amazing small team. 

Why did you start Scratch?

Once you learn the tricks of the dog food industry and what the food put in their bowls day and night actually is, you can’t help but want to do something about it. I had a sick Cocker Spaniel a few years back when I realised, and with my background in ecommerce and selling direct online, I thought I could solve a key part of why most dog food was so bad - the cost pressures to save money on ingredients.

What's the fondest memory you've had with your dog?

Although I’ve had 4 dogs in my life, my fondest memory was actually with a dog I fostered for a year while I was starting Scratch, Navi. For the first time it wasn’t as much about the love and affection dogs were giving me, but what I was able to do for them. I learnt a lot from that experience.

In the future, what are you looking forward to?

Right now, going to a packed G for the footy. I hope some day soon that Scratch can get big enough to pressure the dog food industry into transparent labelling and honest business. We’ll have a lot more healthy dogs and informed dog owners as a result :)

To learn more about Scratch, visit www.scratchpetfood.com.au.

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