From London to Berlin, Make Them Roar!

Bettina Frohn founded Make Them Roar in 2012 whilst living in London. Now based in Berlin, Make Them Roar curates beautifully designed pet products & accessories from independent brands.

MISO & CO is now stocked by Make Them Roar, which is great news for our friends in Europe! We're delighted to partner with fellow female founders such as Bettina, and glad she joined us for a chat on the blog.


Thanks for joining us Bettina! Our community are delighted to meet you, tell us a little bit about yourself :) 

I’m so very happy to be partnering with MISO & CO. I’m always on the lookout for design-led pet brands and new, modern products & accessories that I can bring to our platform. I want Make them Roar to be able to inspire pet owners to create a wholesome environment for their pets, spend time with them and make them roar!

What prompted you to start Make Them Roar? 

12 years ago I adopted a London street cat and needed to kit our our home for him. I found this rather tricky, as the local pets shops had nothing I wanted to buy. After searching on the internet, I came across more and more brands from around the world that I liked, but there wasn’t a single place to shop for them.

So Make them Roar was born. Everything we stock is curated by me and I take great pride in the collections we stock and the brands we are partnering with today.
How do you select the products in your store?

It’s all a bit personal I’m afraid. I tend to stock the products I like, and don’t necessarily have a formula for how I select them. My ethos is that ‘form follows fur’, so all products need to be designed for the animal first and for humans second. I want to know how items are designed and made, where they are produced, and try to ensure that they are produced fairly along the supply chain.

The brands we stock are typically founder or family-run and make their collections in small batches such as Miso & Co. I was delighted to discover your gorgeous dog & human tees that we are now stocking in the shop.

Do you have any pets? 

Yes and I couldn’t live without them! I grew up with cats and dogs and today we live with three fur balls. We moved to Berlin from London last year with our cat Teddington (a Maine Coon mix) and our gentle giant Axel (a Mastiff mix).

My beloved cat Spats died at the beginning of last year but as soon as we had settled in Berlin we adopted more fur. So around Christmas Lily moved in; a 3 year old Norwegian lady. The vet calls her a ‘boss cat’ and that’s exactly who she is. 
What motivates you to work on your business?

From the first moment I started to spot these amazing products on the internet until today, I am inspired by the beautiful things our partner brands make. I love to shop too and take so much pleasure in getting a new bed or a blanket for the cats or dog that often looks better than our own furniture :-) It’s just fun to run the platform and meet our community and I love to speak to customers too.   

Thanks for joining us Bettina!


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