Meet Leo & His Pawrents!

Our dear friends Michelle & Ermias recently adopted a furbaby into their family. We asked them some questions about their lives as pawrents to Leo.

Thanks for joining us! Why don't you tell us a little bit about you all?

Hi, we are Michelle and Ermias. We are proud fur parents to Leo, a 10 month toy/mini poodle.
When did you and Ermias decide to adopt Leo?
Michelle: Ermias actually surprised me with Leo during Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions. I had been searching for a few months, and was very close to giving up when Ermias told me that we were getting Leo. I literally cried.
Ermias: I had not planned to get a dog until a few years down the track. Due to COVID-19 and seeing Michelle going through a tough time, I decided that now was the best time. No regrets at all!
What are Leo's favorite things to do?
Leo has a favourite toy, which is a long elastic rope with a ball on the end. He loves to loop the toy around his neck and walk up and down the house with it. He also loves chasing balls and cuddles in bed.
Where are your favourite places to go as a family?
Definitely the dog beach - I've never seen Leo so happy making doggo friends. 
What is the cheekiest thing Leo has done?
We were having a family bbq and there was a slice of cake sitting on a coffee table. We told Leo 'no' as he approached the cake. Next thing we know, he gulped down the whole slice of cake in 2 seconds.... he definitely has a sweet tooth.


What a cheeky boy Leo is! Thanks for joining us Michelle and Ermias!

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