Dogs of Instagram - An Interview with Luffy Pai

The MISO & CO team met Luffy at an event in 2019, when he was still a puppy. A year on, we caught up with Luffy to learn more about him and his family.


Thanks for chatting with us, tell us about yourself 😊

Hi, my name is Luffy Pai! I’m a 18 month old purebred Toy Poodle. I’m named after an anime character, as my mum put together a list of anime names for my other mum to choose from. 

Why did your hoomans bring you into the fold?

After meeting and dating, my pawrents decided to look for a puppy together as they both love dogs. They started their search and visited two homes. At the second house, my mums were arguing over the gender they wanted. One of my mums really wanted a girl... but my other mum said that I was the cutest. In that moment, she called over all three puppies, and I was the puppy that came over first. So they chose me! 💛

What are your favorite places to go with your hoomans?

I love going to the park with my hoomans. I like to go wherever they go, actually. So as long as they don’t leave me home alone, being with my mums is my favorite place to be.

When I was still a tiny puppy, they snuck me in their bag when visiting the 12 Apostles. I’ve even joined them for drinks at the Sydney’s Opera House. I miss those days. Now they say I’m too big to sneak into places. 


Luffy & his mums, artwork by @drpagi.


What do your hoomans love about you?

They love me for being smart, cuddly, active, and how connected I am with both of them. In turn, I love to annoy them. I love their attention!

How have you changed your hoomans lives?

My pawrents always joke around and say they wouldn’t be together if they didn’t have me.

Whenever they fight, I’ll do anything I can to get them back together. Some of my strategies include pooping on the bed, to non-stop crying and whining when they sleep in different rooms. Because I’m being naughty, they end up having to talk to each other!

All joking aside, they are a lot happier with me around. Who wouldn’t be, when waking up at 6am to a face like mine? 😉

You can connect with Luffy on Instagram at @luffy.poo.

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